Eric Jensen Training


Mr. Jensen presents numerous strategies and processes relating poverty's effect on behavior and performance. The focus of his work is the effect poverty has on the brain and cognitive development.

He discusses the need to teach 4 sets of skills to students in poverty:

  • Memory skills
  • Attention skills
  • Processing skills
  • Sequencing skills

He presents numerous strategies to teach these skills.

Staff worked on the implementation of the ideas presented in his workshops. They have seen students become more self-directed in their learning and more confident in their ability to take risks.

Staff used the information presented to scaffold and differentiate instructional practice to improve student performance.

This training, along with the work of Ruby Payne forms the core of all the differentiated practices in place in our instructional program.


10 Most Effective Tips (pdf)



  • Enriching the Brains of Students in Poverty


  • Teaching with Poverty in Mind


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